Underground Fluid Mechanics = Подземная гидромеханика

PHYSICAL PRINCIPLES OF UNDERGROUND FLUID MECHANICSMODELING CONCEPTSModels of filtration flowModels of reservoirsCHARACTERISTIC PROPERTIES OF RESERVOIRS 15Parameters of porous mediaParameters of fractured mediaLAWS OF FILTRATIONVELOCITY OF FILTRATION IN A POROUS MEDIUMDarc/s linear law of filtrationLaw of filtration in a fractured mediumLIMITS OF DARCY'S LAW APPLICABILITYLIMITS OF DARCY’S LAW APPLICABILITYLaws of filtration at Re > RecrDIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS OF FILTRATIONTHE EQUATIONS OF FLOW IN A POROUS MEDIUMThe equations of potential motionThe equations of filtration in a fractured-porous mediumRELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FLUID PARAMETERS, POROUS MEDIUM PARAMETERS AND PRESSUREINITIAL AND BOUNDARY CONDITIONSFluid density and viscosity dependence of reservoir pressureRock porosity and permeability dependence of reservoir pressureUNIDIMENSIONAL STEADY-STATE POTENTIAL FILTRATIONTYPES OF UNIDIMENSIONAL FLOWSSolutions of the differential equation of the steady-state potential unidimensional flowPotential functionsBASIC RELATIONSHIPS OF UNIDIMENSIONAL FILTRATIONFLOW OF INCOMPRESSIBLE LIQUID IN A NON-DEFORMABLE FORMATIONFlow of incompressible liquid in a fractured deformable formationFlow of ideal gas in a non-deformable formationReal gas filtration in a non-deformable formationFILTRATION AT NONLINEAR LAWSINCOMPRESSIBLE LIQUID IN A NON-DEFORMABLE FORMATIONIdeal gas in a non-deformable formationHomogeneous incompressible liquid in a deformable (fractured) formationIdeal gas in a deformable (fractured) formationFiltration in non-uniform reservoirsFLAT PROBLEMS OF FILTRATION THEORYSYSTEM OF EQUATIONS FOR POTENTIALS OF A GROUP OF WELLSAflow from an injection well to a production wellInflow to a well in a reservoir with a rectilinear charge contourInflow to a well located near impenetrable rectilinear borderInflow to a well in a reservoir with a remote charge contour of an arbitrary formINFLOW TO GROUPS OF WELLSINFLOW TO A GROUP OF WELLS WITH REMOTE CHARGE CONTOURInflow to the ring battery of wellsInflow to rectilinear battery of wellsAmethod of equivalent filtration resistanceINFLOW TO HYDRODYNAMICALLY IMPERFECT WELLSTYPES OF WELLS’ IMPERFECTIONS. REDUCED RADIUS. ADDITIONAL FILTRATION RESISTANCEFlow of a liquid under Darcy's law to an imperfect wellFlow of a real gas under quadratic law to an imperfect wellInterference of imperfect wellsInteraction of wells in non-uniformly permeable and anisotropic reservoirsInfluence of radius of a well on its productivityNON-STATIONARY FILTRATION OF ELASTIC LIQUIDCONCEPT OF FORMATION COMPACTION DRIVEMain parameters of compaction drive theoryDifferential equation of non-steady state filtration of elastic liquid (piezo-conductivity equation)Derivation of the basic equation of compaction driveINFLOW TO A WELL AT COMPACTION DRIVEThe analysis of the major formula of compaction drive theoryInteraction of wellsDetermination of filtration properties of reservoir by non-stationary methods of well testingNON-STEADY STATE FILTRATION OF GAS IN A POROUS MEDIUMKLINKENBERG’S EFFECT, GAS SLIPPAGELeibensohn's equation of non-stationary gas filtrationFUNDAMENTALS OF THE THEORY OF FILTRATION OF MULTIPHASE SYSTEMSTHE BASIC CHARACTERISTICS OF MULTIPHASE FILTRATIONRelative permeabilityInitial equations of multiphase filtrationMODELS OF DISPLACEMENT OF IMMISCIBLE LIQUIDSEQUATIONS OF TWO-PHASE FILTRATIONBuckley - Leverett modelCONCLUSION